Bombshell… “Bumshell”?



For many years I have been the unfortunate witness to the passing of pungent gas from a person whose name I shall not call, for they might slap me silly for posting this on the World Wide Web. These occurrences usually present themselves at birthday parties, Christmas limes or just our monthly trip to an ice-cream parlour.


When I was younger, I used to accuse this anonymous person of being lactose intolerant. I was young, I didn’t really know what this meant, I had only heard of the term occasionally in primary school when teachers would huddle around the teacher’s desk discussing their “old people” problems, you know, high blood pressure, menopause, the usual. Yes, I was a maco :D.

At the time I didn’t know all the science behind the term, only that the wind that would be passed would be quite unpleasant and accompanied by complaints about bloating and tummy aches from the anonymous. When I would make the accusations, that certain person would strongly agree with my diagnosis yet still the spoon of ice-cream and the slice of cheesecake would make no attempt to detour from her mouth. It was honestly like waiting for a volcano to erupt. Oh the joy.



This never fails to be my reaction:


In the last lecture, we discussed carbohydrates more in detail and along the way we talked about the science behind being lactose intolerant. I learnt a lot of new information and I plan to use it in a letter to convince the anonymous that maybe its about time that she switch to soya.

Here is how my letter will begin.

blog letter

Wish me luck!

Just had to include this, LOL!


Don’t forget to check out my lecturer’s vid below! Super informative 🙂





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